The Vanilla World View is, in a way, a religion that's not a religion, a belief system that does not depend on jargon. The book, or manifesto, also entitled The Vanilla World View, spells out this belief system and unravels some of the "unanswerable questions" that befuddle so many of us .

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Let The Transformation Begin

It's time.....I said I would do this, and now that's exactly what I'll do. I've cast off the trappings of routine, of career, and I'm going to reappear two weeks hence at least 2000 miles from where I am right now.

My transformation begins tomorrow. When I next post, I will have begun a new lifetime......this may in fact be the seventh one so far. But does it matter? One must morph the life until one reaches the destination.

Musically I will also have a slightly different sound...but hopefully the message will be the same. I'm a slave to the Metaphysics of Love.....

Blessings. Until later......

Friday, July 30, 2004

Love, Evolution, and Destiny Paths (in progress)

When we start to think of purpose, about why we're here and what we're supposed to do, it's easy for us to feel disoriented and confused, even nihilistic. Perhaps the following will help make you realize that everything is here for a reason.....that we are here for a reason.

Love, first of all, is an energy...actually, it's many different levels of energy, depending on intent, level of activation, and interaction. Love is a renewing force, a force that heals, uplifts, energizes; it's even a balm for the spirit. We humans are here on earth with a soul kernel, a spiritual package that we must open, unfold, and develop....it's the way we transcend death, the way we live longer, the way we live forever.

But we aren't meant to do this solo. Instead, we must engage in a symbiotic relationship with another, and in this relationship we exchange love energies, amplifying them and making them more effective by ricocheting them back and forth. If you see Love as a means of merely reproducing, you've got it wrong. Lust takes care of that...a lower form of the Love energy, a semi-cinnamon form, it operates quite effectively. But at the higher levels, Love is intended for much more ambitious purposes.

Simply put, love is the energy we use to save ourselves, and we save ourselves by saving others in soul-mate relationships. Interestingly enough, I suspect that the soul mates we meet in our lives are pre-ordained...they're waiting for us as we weave our destiny.

But what makes a Soul Mate? A Soul Mate is one whose Destiny Path resonates harmoniously with ours. I can't really get too detailed as to the why and the wherefore.....I can only say that your Destiny Path is like a guitar string, a string that is "played" when you interact with others. When the Paths mesh, or resonate, you make friends, fall in love, find your Soul Mate; when the Paths clash, you find conflict and struggle...but of course you should really walk away when there is a dissonance. This may explain friendship, enemies, War, Peace...but that's another chapter.

The "need to be loved" is a physical thing, yes, and should not be overlooked, as pleasure also contributes to positive energy, it also heals, and it also helps a person momentarily transcend the terrestrial level of thought.

But the need to be loved is also a spiritual thing, the soul's crying out for development, for unfolding, for realization, for fulfillment. It may also be a catalyst that forces one to change what one does in order to "get back on the Destiny Path" from which one may have strayed.

And yes, just because there is a Destiny Path doesn't mean that you'll follow it with your eyes closed. If you ignore the "road signs" that appear throughout your life, hints for you to do a certain thing, then you swerve into a dead-end, a life path that ends in unhappiness, dissatisfaction, a lack of fulfillment, even the loss of the soul. For if the soul doesn't develop, then it's finito when you die...the soul hasn't developed its wings sufficiently to "persist" after the death of the physical body.

The implications of what I have said above are enormous.....they even explain many of the concepts of our organized religions that we may accept, but may not understand. For most of our held beliefs are a true part of a vast metaphysical jigsaw puzzle.

And Love is the key, the mover, the motivator. Love is religion. Sex is associated with love, so sex too is religion, and shouldn't be kicked out of religious discussion. Add the sensual to the spiritual, and you made the two halves whole again...you've healed the Great Schism that has made our civilization so unhappy and unable to answer those eternally unanswerable questions.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Chart Stoppers

I took a minute to check the chart action on the Web......

"Rock It Forward" is up to #2 in the Rock charts. Maybe the new improved sound has something to do with it. And now I added a "tail to the dragon"...ha ha....

"Dance It Forward" is at #3 in the Dance charts, but holding steady.

"Listen To My Whisper" has pretty much lost steam on the rap charts.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Global Remastering To Begin

After a series of sound tests with different speakers and systems, I believe that we have managed to ramp up the sound quality of our music files by as much as 200%....check out "Rock It Forward", a sixth-wave track that I created from scratch using this standard.

Now the fun really begins....I will systematically remaster ALL of my previously released tracks. Only tracks from waves One and Two will, because of the way they were created, manage just a 100% quality increase. But that's still progress....

Yes, I'm relentless.....but one only achieves a goal by taking on the energy of an overwhelming force....

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Remastering Game

My sound guru has been working with me lately in improving the sound quality of my music, easily the #1 problem as I see it. Over the next two weeks we will run some tests, with the new song, "Work The Forward Love" being the guinea pig. If we get the results we want, I will go back and remaster virtually everything I have released...you see, I do in fact live by that Manifesto. Those who have bought my other CDs will receive remastered versions of these CDs automatically......at my expense.

"Listen To My Whisper" made it to #3, but that's as far as it will go. So much for my target practice...although my latest song could do better. I'm actually more worried about the mixing game, about ramping the sound quality up...because my next focus is going to require all of the production power I can muster......more on that later.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Cyber Artist’s Revolutionary Manifesto

I, Sassure, realize that, with the advent of the Web, Digital Music Sharing, and a commercially feasible Digital Music Download model, I cannot, and will not, follow the methods and procedures used by brick-and-mortar recording artists whether today or in ages past. Everything has changed; the rules of the past have no relevance now.

First, I will release new songs whenever and however I please. I will not release a new CD every year or two years, and I will not wait until I have enough songs for a new CD. If I wish to release a single song, I will; if I wish to release a pair of songs, I will.

Second, when I am technologically competent to improve the sounds of my songs, or the arrangement of my songs, I will replace my songs with new and improved versions; I will do so whenever I wish. My work is a work-in-progress.....there is never any FINAL form of a song. I can add to it at will; I can change it at will. Let music historians sort the rest out.....

Third, I will sell my music whenever and however I please. I will sell my music at multiple sites if I wish; only by contract will I agree to release my music through a single distribution source. I am now in control of my music; I am therefore now in control of how that music is distributed.

Fourth, I will charge whatever I wish for my music, whenever I wish. I may lower the price of a CD from one day to the next, or I may raise it, or I may simply make a song or CD free for promotional purposes. As creator of my music, I need not explain or justify how I sell or distribute it.

Fifth, I will allow fans of my music to download my songs and create compilations of their own devising. I will have my own groupings of released songs, and if I wish I will group them in order to better organize them chronologically, but I will not expect fans to do the same.

Sixth, I will seek to improve the quality of the CDs my fans create. I will seek a software package that will reverse-render downloaded MP3s into original or near-original WAV files so that, when burned, the CDs will have a sound quality equivalent to what is available from the brick-and-mortar stores.

Seventh, I will create an image of my own devising, or none at all, to represent me, in order to preserve my rights of privacy. My age will be whatever I determine it to be. Let those who listen to my music decide if it's the right "age" for them.

Eight, I will decide if, when, and how any live performances will take place to support the music that is available online. The old model was to tour and play songs in concert in order to become better known. The new model understands that my online presence and distribution of my music is equivalent to the old model's relentless touring and performing. Under the new model, I will perform live if I wish, and I will tour if I wish, to support my music that has already proven itself online.

Nine, this new model of music distribution means that I am in control of my expenditures. If I wish to hire a lawyer, I will, but I will not be bound to do so in order to perpetuate the old model's unfair and outrageously uneven compensation structure. My hiring of a manager, of a promoter, of a legal adviser, will be done as necessary, not as a de facto requirement.

Finally, ten, I declare that, as a cyber-artist in an online world that spans global markets, I am working on a tabula rasa, a blank slate. It's a new world now, and what fixtures, agreements, arrangements, partnerships, and collaborations I may initiate or create will be from scratch, will occur on a level playing field. I will not recognize the applicability of older-model structures and arrangements to this new environment.

Rather than simply a corollary or addendum to the brick-and-mortar music world, I wish to declare that the online Digital Music Revolution is an entity unto itself, that it must develop as a separate entity, and that those of us who wish to work solely within this revolutionary entity must not feel compelled to justify our new-model existence based on old-model standards.

This document, created June 29, 2004, may be revised at any time. Like my music, this manifesto is a work-in-progress. Like my music, this Revolution is a work-in-progress.


Friday, June 25, 2004

Dancing It Forward

You may not have noticed, but I replaced the "Dance It Forward" MP3 on the site with an improved version. Doing something like this would have been unheard-of just a couple of years ago. I expect this sort of thing to be pretty common practice...at least once the Revolution is fully underway.

I may put together some sort of Digital Music Manifesto, a summation of what once was, but now is no longer, and a summation of what is to come, and what will become standard practice.

It's a new dawn......well, it worked when Grace Slick said it at Woodstock......

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