The Vanilla World View is, in a way, a religion that's not a religion, a belief system that does not depend on jargon. The book, or manifesto, also entitled The Vanilla World View, spells out this belief system and unravels some of the "unanswerable questions" that befuddle so many of us .

Sunday, November 30, 2003

2004: Rock The Agenda

With just a month away from 2004, the year of Great Change, we're ramping up the action here, and, musically, we're about to begin pulling out the heavy artillery (pardon the military imagery -- it sounded good at the time).

Plans call for a CD, possibly entitled SOUL KARMA or KARMA SOUL, to be released in early 2004. WATER STAR will follow afterwards, though I'm not sure exactly when.

"The Moment (For A Revolution)" has been making a lot of noise. Currently at #5 in the Web Rap Charts, it is #17 on the national charts for all genres, and it's even made it into the Global Top 100. Despite the title, though, the message is still pretty diplomatic -- we're just getting warmed up. I'm right now defining what I would call a "rap-pop-dance-jazz" genre -- and I'll add more songs to this genre as 2004 begins.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

The World

The latest entry in my Tarot song collection, "The World", is now live and online. One day I will collect all of them in one place.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Karma Download and Etc

I've just been invited to sign up with the first Online Record Label, karmadownload.com.....so I'll send them a followup track to "The Moment (For A Revolution" that will ramp up the protest factor. Entitled "Teams", it will incorporate one of my slogans, "Where There Are Teams, There Is War".

I first used this slogan in a folk song I wrote fifteen years ago...one day I'll add that song to the site's archives.

Speaking of folk songs, my next project is in fact a return to the roots...a folk song that will be in the protest vein. 2004 is going to be a very good year......

Friday, November 21, 2003

The Moment (For A Revolution)

I've entered the world of rap -- though many other Vanilla songs have had rap elements -- to come up with "The Moment (For A Revolution)". Having just hit #31 on the Internet mp3 charts, it may well make a little noise.

A little voice told me that 2004 is going to be a year for the history books, a year when a watershed event will occur that will define what is to come for the next decade.....this event will act as a catalyst for this Global Movement For Renewal, of which the Vanilla World View is a part.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

A Linear Christmas Song?

Sometime in the next two weeks I'll be wrapping up work on what I call the World's First Linear Christmas Song. Entitled "Christmas Star", it will, of course, adhere to the second-wave "star" imagery.

Foolish hype? Definitely. But it's true, so I'll take my chances.

I'm also about to upgrade the sound quality of all music sold or released. Like the book, the music is a Work In Progress, so whenever I find a way to improve my work, I'll utilize it immediately.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Music and Metaphysics

One may well wonder, after reading my work, why I'm emphasizing music so much right now. There are actually two answers to this.

First, the pursuit of peace is the pursuit of harmonic convergence. The pursuit of love is the pursuit of harmonic convergence. The making of music is the creation of harmonic convergences, an interest of mine for many years now.

The time for significant change has just begun. What I'm doing is part of the Vanilla World View agenda, but the role all of this plays will become apparent later. As I have said many times before and in many different places, just keep checking the news.

There is no hocus-pocus involved here: as the title of the site implies, we are simply pursuing a practical, sensible line of action in a time that is becoming increasingly impractical, in a time when the actions of people are becoming increasingly senseless.....

Friday, November 07, 2003

Tantric Rainbows CD Released

The Tantric Rainbows CD has been released at last. Available through cdbaby.com, it's the record of the first wave, the "sun-fire" wave.

The second wave, the "star-water" wave, has begun. "Possess Me" and "Possession" are songs belonging to this wave. Another song, "Water Star", also belongs, but has not been released anywhere yet.

The slower, more intense, more hypnotic companion song to "Possess Me", entitled simply "Possession", is now online. Turn the lights down for this one.......

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Possess Me

The first song of the Second Wave, "Possess Me", is now live and online. This rhythm-heavy number, which is post-Tantric Rainbows, should appear on the next CD.

The Vanilla Shack, where I live and write and make music and create Web sites, was built in the mid-1700s, and it has more ghosts than I've been able to count. The basement, which I believe pre-dates the American Revolution, appears to be the vortex for the manifestations here, though I also sense that many of the spirits here can reveal themselves only in kinetic ways and are not developed enough to manifest themselves visually.

There is a Hessian soldier who has come in through the back door -- and I mean THROUGH the door. Whoever this guy is, he's obviously got quite a "spirit lamp", as he must have died during the late 1770s.

In light of all this, you may wonder why I wrote a song entitled "Possess Me". Believe me, I've asked myself the same question again and again. If you look closely, you'll be able to see all kinds of supernatural influences on the Tantric Rainbows CD. Perhaps some of them are even audible....

Monday, November 03, 2003

Tantric Rainbows Release Date and News

The Tantric Rainbows CD will be released either this week or next. It will be available through cdbaby.com, but because distribution will be worldwide, it will be found in a great many locales.

Here at the Shack we are moving forward...to the second phase. First, however, in the spirit of the season, there will be a new Christmas song released online, here, soon. I'll make it as linear as possible, though many say there's no such thing as a linear Christmas song. That's a challenge too tempting to pass up.

You may have already realized that the Sun figures heavily in the songs I've posted here so far, and there are references to fire as well. None of this is accidental. For the second phase, the emphasis will be on the Star, and on Water.

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