The Vanilla World View is, in a way, a religion that's not a religion, a belief system that does not depend on jargon. The book, or manifesto, also entitled The Vanilla World View, spells out this belief system and unravels some of the "unanswerable questions" that befuddle so many of us .

Monday, December 29, 2003

The Metaphysical Eros Experiment

I've mentioned before that Love energy is a potent force that can be channeled beyond the mere act of love itself....which in a sense led to what we're starting to refer to as the Metaphysical Seduction Trilogy: "You Walk In Magic", "The Tropic Of Everywhere", and last -- but certainly not least -- "Eros". Most seductive love songs attempt to create Eros energy, one of the most powerful positive creational energies in the universe, but "Eros" actually invokes the Love God, making for some very earth-moving musical moments.

The blueprint below has already been updated, and will no doubt be updated even more as 2004 begins.....I just read in the San Francisco Chronicle that 2004 will be the dawn of a whole new era in music. But it will be a whole lot more than that......

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Blueprint: Linear Love

The song lineup for the upcoming CD, LINEAR LOVE, the first major salvo of the Digital Music Revolution, is as follows:

1. Linear Love
2. The Moment (For A Revolution)
3. I'm On My Way (To You)
4. You Walk In Magic
5. The Tropic Of Everywhere
6. Eros
7. Purified
8. 3,000 Syllables Of Love
9. Butterscotch
10. Street Lady
11. Just Enough Experience
12. Swirl
13. Tidal Lover
14. 21 Candles

I won't add any additional comments at this time. Suffice it to say that we're going to make a lot of noise in 2004...you can think of it as an energy experiment, a putting into practice what is taught in the Vanilla World View: Second Edition.

Monday, December 22, 2003

The New Year Draws Near

The new year draws near, and it's a time of great excitement here at the Shack. I'm consulting with some Sound gurus to improve the sound of the music......which is necessary because the new collection, which will be called LINEAR LOVE, will be released during 2004. The title song is a five-movement anthem that defines what in today's music I'm taking aim at....the songs that follow illustrate this revolutionary new song concept. With a new genre and a new song model, LINEAR LOVE will have all the cohesion and consistency that TANTRIC RAINBOWS lacks, though RAINBOWS has its share of nuggets.

Of course, we aren't living under a rock. With the advent of the Digital Music Revolution, there will be hundreds of new independent music offerings flooding the Web....and that's really a good thing. But the Web hasn't seen anything yet...

On the metaphysical front, I'm theorizing about the nature of what I like to call our Personal Destiny, and I've come to the conclusion that, while the past is past -- a completed event that can be revisited -- the future is a morphable uncertainty held together by what I call Destiny Lines, or Lines of Fate. These Lines are like cables that we, the trolley cars, run on, lines that guide us. We can alter our future by changing lines, by choosing different paths.....but the paths lead in the direction that has, in a sense, already been encoded for us. Thus we can in a sense predict the future, but WE CAN'T GO THERE.

These Lines exist in a higher dimension, so we can't see them. But through a series of deductions and inductions we can get some idea of their existence.....

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Energy Levels And Songs

Call it a hierarchy of sorts, but there are shades and degrees of negative and positive energy. As I mention in The Vanilla World View, negative energy level 1 is simply negative; level 2 can be called demonic; level 3 can be called satanic. Positive energy level 1 is simply positive; level 2 can be called beatific; level 3 can be called angelic. Some will say that this list isn't symmetrical...but then neither is the hierarchy of Heaven and Hell.

While "Crumble (The Hanged Man)" hits some pretty forceful peaks of negative energy, at times emanating an almost demonic energy, a new song of mine, "New Vanilla Love", at one point emanates a distinctly powerful beatific energy, a healing energy. While "Heal Me" was originally thought to be a healing song, it turned out to be more a song ABOUT healing than a force that actually caused healing. "New Vanilla Love" does embody that force....though the lyrics don't mention healing at all. Such is our world.

Examining popular music today, very very few songs have anything that can be called healing energy. And the music found in so-called Healing Music CDs are beautifully contemplative, wonderfully serene...but they simply don't "spark" positive energy. Healing energy is not subtle; new age music is, by and large, subtle...call it great meditation music, but not healing music. Since we really aren't in touch with true healing energy, many won't recognize it in "New Vanilla Love". I didn't consciously implant the thing the way a poet might implant a metaphor.....as I've said many times, the songs are "dictated" to me...what develops is what develops.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Bits And More Bits

"The Moment (For A Revolution)" continues at #5 in the rap charts, while "When You've Had Enough" is now #5 on the Web mp3 rock charts. Maybe people want a change at last....so that's a good sign.

Radiotakeover just informed me that "Crumble (The Hanged Man)" has been added to the playlist. Oh well.....

After a really silly session at the Shack, I came up with "3,000 Syllables Of Love", a rap/jazz/cool whatyoucallit that's sure to be a part of the KARMA SOUL CD when the thing finally gets put together.

Don't get too obsessed with Iraq......there's some serious trouble brewing between China-Taiwan that's going to explode if we don't get over our myopia.....the frightening thing about prophecy is that the Players, regardless of the warnings, move straight ahead in a predetermined path to a predetermined fate.....and we watch, helplessly, unable to alter the shape of what's to come.

So we make music, and we fall in love, and somewhere someone is making headlines.....

Monday, December 15, 2003

Coming Attractions

First, I may soon release my most disturbing Tarot song to date: "Crumble (The Hanged Man)". Easily the most demonic thing I have ever created, this song is informed by a spirit that will give the listener a taste of the bowels of Hell itself. The composition of this song pre-dates composition of "The Lovers", but I have withheld mentioning its existence...until now. If you can't wait, the song is available at the radiotakeover site...but I'll post it here soon enough. The song, like all Tarot songs, requires that I invoke the spirit of that particular arcanum....or perhaps it invokes me. I tried once before to deal with The Hanged Man...the result was that I didn't write another song for ten years. This time around, I fared better.....

On the other hand, "The Sun" and "The World" exude a beatific energy, as do "The Empress" and "The Lovers". "The Moon" is a harmonious blend of the two, a balance found in no other Tarot song.

Second, I'm leaning towards calling my next CD THE VANILLA WORLD VIEW, the same title as the book. As the CD will also be a manifesto of sorts, a revolt, it's only fitting that I link it to its text-and-print cousin. More on this later.....

Friday, December 12, 2003

Lyrics: When You've Had Enough

When it's over,
When there's no time for waiting,
When it's gone too far,
When you can't walk the same circle,
When you can't talk the same nonsense
When you can't hold on,
When you've had enough,
When you've had enough,

When you know,
You know it's time for action,
It's Time to make a difference,
Time to walk outside the circle,
Time to talk to someone special,
Standing up for Love.

When it's finished,
When it's no longer useful,
When you can't believe in what you're doing,
When you have to make some changes,
When you've had enough,
Then you have to stop pretending,
Then you have to start improving,
Standing up for Love.....

When you've had enough,
Think of the future,
Think of the need to get involved,
The need to raise your voice,
The need to make that choice,
The need to stand up Now......

Thursday, December 11, 2003


In a short two months a lot has happened here at the Shack. As 2004 hoves into view, we're moving forward at warp speed. The Vanilla World View will probably see an expansion, as more and more elaboration is added.

Musically, we've learned a great deal here. Tantric Rainbows has a genre range as wide as the Mississippi, which may discomfit those who seek a narrow genre focus. But that CD was made with a unifying message, a message explained in the book.

The next project is more focused, but the message remains the same. Blessed by improving recording methodologies, we are making better-sounding music now....but of course the sky is the limit here. With the Digital Music Revolution beginning to take off, there is a lot of optimism that great changes are underway, that the old gangrenous economic status quo is about to get turned on its head.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

The Music Unleashed

I had planned to wait until 1/1/2004, but the momentum is too great right now, and the digital music revolution is fully underway. So I've let loose with some major musical artillery and released two songs to primetones.com and weedstash.com: "Street Lady", a jazz/dance/rap locomotive that I've had in progress for some two months; and "Comet", the hardest-rocking song I've ever written, which I put the finishing touches on last weekend during the blizzard.

As the digital revolution churns into high gear, so will the Vanilla World View, and, as I said, 2004 will be one year to remember.......

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Lyric Cafe: The Moment (For A Revolution)

(The song is still at #5. Listen carefully, and you'll notice that this is also a Linear Song, with no repetition, always developing until the very end. Perhaps the revolution has already begun, no?)

Listen up, and listen well.
I've got a few things to tell you.
We're in a new century now.
I think it's time we decided how
to bring love back into the world,
a positive mind, a comforting word.
What I mean is a solution.
It's the moment -- for a revolution.

Take my hand, and walk this way.
It's the moment for changing.
Get on your feet....get into this motion.
It's the moment for a revolution.

Bad. Boring. What can you say?
We're in a rut, people, rotting away.
Eat, sleep, drink, dream.
The whole circle can make you scream.

When we love, we're an awesome force.
When we love, we can change our course.

Mary had a little lamb
but the Shepherd didn't give a damn
so she climbed the hill until, at last,
she forgot the negative past.
She looked ahead and she saw a star.
It was never really very far.
Just as long as you're ready to climb,
you can live in an incredible time.
You can come to a resolution.
It's the moment -- for a revolution.

What we need is to live right now,
free to change every day somehow.
Do your part.
This new age needs a start.
The power of love is the force of every heart.

Lady, your ways are magic,
make that change, pulse with me,
let's rock, till the day is through,
listen to me, I'll listen to you.
This energy of Love can be
the answer to the darkest force
and we can change our course
change our course.

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