The Vanilla World View is, in a way, a religion that's not a religion, a belief system that does not depend on jargon. The book, or manifesto, also entitled The Vanilla World View, spells out this belief system and unravels some of the "unanswerable questions" that befuddle so many of us .

Friday, January 30, 2004

Love And Destiny: A Prophecy In Song?

One of the songs that will appear on the upcoming Vanilla World View CD is entitled, "Meet Me At The Criss Cross", which is both an elaboration of the Lines Of Destiny theory and an experiment. As I've mentioned before, I don't write songs as someone would make shoes....the things come to me, they're in a sense dictated to me. So I'm setting down the lyrics for the song, and when I'm done I look back over them and notice that they refer to an intended meeting with a future Soul Mate. They specifically point out that for me this Soul Mate will be my fourth, and that I will meet her "in the first array of June". They also call this one my "lucky four".

Needless to say, I was quite intrigued. I have in fact met three Soul Mates in my life so far. Why am I fated to cross paths with number four?

And frankly, I can't tell you what days are covered by "the first array of June".....I'm assuming that perhaps this is a reference to the first moon cycle. And is it THIS June?

I don't know.....but this song has become both prophecy and experiment. Imagine being able to know in advance of impending meetings with individuals who will play a significant role in one's life......

I now know that Love is not just a superficial adjunct to sex and reproduction...it's actually a mechanism for advancing one spiritually along a Progress Path towards a higher consciousness. Our Soul Mates are "chosen" (?) to specifically help us evolve, and it behooves us to intersect Life Paths with them if at all possible.

You must heed the "signs" when they appear, and when a change in your life is signaled, don't resist it. I haven't so far, and it's cost me dearly in human terms, but I think I've gained immeasurably in spiritual terms.

The Search is ongoing, and continues......

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Theory: Love and Destiny

From experience and observation, I've concluded that we are allotted more than one soul mate in a given incarnation (at least one mystical text says we are allotted seven). You may meet all of them, or you may meet only one of them. Part of this may be due to the nature of your previous incarnations, but there's another, more esoteric side to the coin.

What you are destined to do depends upon the choices you make when you come to what I call "metaphysical forks in the path", or moments in your life when faced with the chance to change the "course" of your life. An individual's destiny may in fact be several paths, each leading to at least one soul mate, to an eventual fate. I don't know exactly how the thing works, but I have a feeling that, when presented with the chance to make a major change in your life, you are supposed to take the hint and take that different direction. The path you leave behind is in fact a "dead end" destiny; many who complain that their lives are empty are doing so because they didn't take the right turn at the right place.....

There may an even deeper level at work here: the path you take when you come to a "fork" in your life's road may actually depend upon how much you have developed spiritually. Love is more than simply a physical sensation - it's a mystical force as well. What may be happening here is that "soul mates" are supposed to "develop" each other through exchanging the love energy, allowing them to move forward to the next destined branch, which may be leading to a higher level of awareness and experience.

More on this later.....

Friday, January 23, 2004

Expansion; Ignition Continues; Rock The Meditation

We've expanded the Vanilla World View site server space by 100% so larger music files will fit; in fact, for this reason I'm finally able to make "Rock The Meditation: Come Back To The Aura" available for the first time. Sometime soon I'll post another song, "Maybe It's Magic".

When listening to "Come Back To The Aura", you may notice that the lyrics include three Greek letters. There's a mystical reason behind this; I'll reveal more details when the appropriate moment presents itself.....

Ignition still continues apace, and hopefully before too long I can announce that we're entering the "full revolution" phase. But there's till a lot of noise to make first....

Within 72 hours the Vanilla World View Site will be accessible via the www.sassure.com domain name....when accessibility is the objective, getting a domain is the corrective.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Lyrics: Rainbows Fall Apart In Pairs

Wouldn't it be nice
to stop repeating, repeating
the lines an actor knows too well,
the thoughts encased in a shell --
that can't be touched, or modified
as we grow in knowledge, fortified
by the seekers' openness to change,
the need to morph the daily pain
into a purpose, a line of code,
a destined, mystic road.

Rainbows fall apart in pairs,
the pleasure palace
mirrored by the castle of despair,
the lack of trust, of reason's calm,
instead preferring chaos
in the platitudes of prayer.
Rainbows fall apart in pairs.

The more a shell contains, the less it yields;
you can't return to Strawberry Fields.....

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Getting Metaphysical

Next on the projects list for 2004 is the Vanilla World View CD, a speech-and-song concept CD that will push the musical envelope into rarely-visited territory. One example is a piece called "Rock The Meditation: Come To The Aura", which is exactly what it appears to be....its intention is to lengthen your life, develop your soul. Based upon an exercise I use derived from The Vanilla World View, this "song" -- the longest recording I've ever made -- may well have supernatural consequences.....

Note that I refer to metaphysics, not religion. "Religion" is a loaded word semantically, evoking taught responses from each of us instead of sincere, open-minded reactions. "Metaphysics" is still a referent to a forum for discussion. You've heard of religious persecution, of religious wars, but have you ever heard of metaphysical persecution? Of metaphysical wars?

Religion is a human imposition of a metaphysical template upon a mass population. We must realize that we have yet to find the true template.....but instead of seeking together, we fight over unproven concepts. The Vanilla World View is that we are still in seeker mode, but that technologically and rationally we can put together a system of ideas that will prove valuable. The benefits of Love Energy, and Practical Immortality, are both here and now.....and that's not a bad start. But we have to peel off the labels and let go of the baggage.

Thursday, January 15, 2004


My Digital Revolution-ary CD, LINEAR LOVE, has finally been released on cdbaby.com. I suppose you could call the CD's genres "metaphysical rap", "metaphysical jazz", "metaphysical dance", and -- in the case of "Eros" -- "metaphysical sex". The songs are all in the linear-song format -- that is, they develop, they don't repeat.

And in keeping with my penchant for never doing the expected thing, I am putting up a new song, "Wait For Me", which is as yet not on any CD whatsoever.

The premise of the Vanilla World View is that, now that we've made it to the 21st century, we are starting to revaluate everything we've ever believed metaphysically. We need to start with a few basic, scientific assumptions, based on what we know of energy and its properties, on what we know of personal energy, the human will.....and we can build on that. Instead of simply talking about Love, we should be talking about Love Energy, about the force it creates and how that force can best be directed. Believe it or not, we can solve nearly all of the current un-solveable problems plaguing humanity if we just adhere to a few fundamental principles, if we reject the "team" concept and think in terms of simple cooperation and mutual compassion.

Ignition has begun.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Up until this week we've been learning, experiencing, growing, exerting a raw force of will to achieve an objective. The First Wave was necessary, a novitiate of sorts. The Second Wave was an application of our energies to preparing for 2004, and all that is bound to occur during this year. The third wave is the stage of ignition. Exactly what this stage entails will be made clear as January moves into February......

In "Audio Revolver", the first third-wave song, I talk about creating "a diamond from a grain of sand".....which is exactly what The Vanilla World View is all about.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Random Bits

"The Moment (For A Revolution)" has settled down to #8 in the Web mp3 rap charts, and "The Tropic Of Everywhere" is holding at #13 in the dance charts.....but "Audio Revolver" has skyrocketed to #3 in the rock charts.....the first Third-Wave song has taken flight. See http://www.mp3charts.com/RKcharts.htm....

I've been working on a new song, "Ginger Love", that features a new sound paradigm...which is a good thing, because it breaks just about every rule in the music book. So I am pleased....

Some of my songs are now available via Clearchannel's New Music Network.....and if I have something new that fits the venue over there, I'll send it along.....

When LINEAR LOVE is released this week, I'll begin removing a number of my second-wave songs from sites around the Web.....to make way for the Third Wave stuff.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Linear Love Release Imminent

The new CD, entitled LINEAR LOVE, will probably be released early next week. Concept-oriented and dedicated to the Digital Music Revolution, this album will feature 14 linear songs, including a five-song "metaphysical seduction sequence" that may be unlike anything you've ever heard before. Manifesting a process whereby cinnamon love energy is transformed into vanilla love energy, this sequence has suggested further projects involving the morphing dynamic, though there is as yet one other type of love energy that will be explored more in the future.

Thanks to the Sound Guru, the new CD will feature improved production...though as I said, every project will always be a progression over what has come before. As the title song says, "straight ahead -- never take the same road again".....

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