The Vanilla World View is, in a way, a religion that's not a religion, a belief system that does not depend on jargon. The book, or manifesto, also entitled The Vanilla World View, spells out this belief system and unravels some of the "unanswerable questions" that befuddle so many of us .

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Let The Transformation Begin

It's time.....I said I would do this, and now that's exactly what I'll do. I've cast off the trappings of routine, of career, and I'm going to reappear two weeks hence at least 2000 miles from where I am right now.

My transformation begins tomorrow. When I next post, I will have begun a new lifetime......this may in fact be the seventh one so far. But does it matter? One must morph the life until one reaches the destination.

Musically I will also have a slightly different sound...but hopefully the message will be the same. I'm a slave to the Metaphysics of Love.....

Blessings. Until later......

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